Winter and Spring 2014: A Thousand Little Things

Fellow New Zealander splitboarder Ryan Nicol has spent some time on an epic looking photo essay of his 2014 Winter season in the Canterbury area of New Zealand’s South Island. For those who haven’t met Ryan before he is arguably the biggest contender for being a chamois in a previous life.


As each year passes and we get older, the reasons for doing things change and evolve. The drive behind an idea morphs and the subtle, smaller background things slowly move to the fore taking on more meaning. The time taken to appreciate each moment spent in the mountains becomes as important as the initial reason why we decide to venture there in the first place. The initial purpose of exploring new places with a snowboard slowly evolves into something much more and suddenly only becomes a small part of the reason in which we choose to spend endless weekends and annual leave chasing the never ending snow covered mountain dream. No longer is there just one thing that keeps pulling us back but a thousand little things along the way that when combined, create an unparalleled experience.

The thousand little things that form a mountain experience for one person will…

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