Its that time of year..

I’m a little amped. Ok, I’m completely stoked. I’m not going to lie. I love winter, I’m that weird guy that hates summer, loves snow and would live in the arctic if it meant never being too hot. I mean it’s easier to warm up than to cool down, and wearing lots of coats, are you kidding me?! I LOVE COATS. Hoodies, beanies… Enough of that… It’s that time of year when the mountains turn from dark brown schist and golden tussock into majestic snow-capped peaks. Winter even makes getting up early great. Alpenglow coating the peaks as the sun rises between them, it’s so still, so cold. We have had a bit of snow, But as the local words go “Snow in may never stays”. Incoming! Hopefully that will all change this weekend, We have our first winter storm, It looks like a good un. Snow down to near sea level, high winds, all the good stuff. But we wont know how much or how good untill it all clears a few days later. Untill then I’m going to sit at home looking at weather forecasts, studying maps. Planning My Attack.

2 thoughts on “Its that time of year..

  1. Rad, hopefully you guys get all the snow that didn’t fall in the Northern Hemisphere this past winter!

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