It Begins…

The trouble with having new gear is simple. You buy it, it sits in eye view. You want to use it, NOW. Sadly the trouble with early winter is that their isn’t always enough snow on the ground. And new bases and New Zealands infamous shark teeth dont really go hand in hand.

Yesterday morning it rained. A lot. It stopped about 11. My new splitboard stared at me from the couch. Screw it, lets check the webcams. Success!

Blue sky above coronet peak. A few who had time off earlier in the week after the storm had told me conditions at coronet were pretty average, fresh mixed with man made. 9 inch breakable crust made its way into conversations. Sounds shit. Good thing about rain is it makes all these inconsistencies a little bit more soft.

The car was packed, i was on my way. It was still raining, only lightly. After ignoring the bewildered stares of tourists in the carpark i was on my way. Holy shit am i unfit. The climb to the same altitude as the beginners lift was riddled with stops for breath. The good news? Skinning on my new board was so much nicer. its hard to tell what the difference is, New skins, new board, the only thing remaining from my old setup was my Volie light rail bindings.


Brow Peak 1454m

A Quick change over and a few snaps and i was on my way down. It was soft, but variable, Fast natural snow, very slow man made. Did i mention i was unfit? More of a hanging on for life than a nice run. The board handled well, better than expected actually. Small drops were nice to land, it had nice pop, turned a lot quicker than expected of a 167cm.


The elusive splitboard in its natural environment

This weekend sees a large system track in, And sunshine on Wednesday my day off. Until then ill be watching these.Image

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