Old and the New

Two days ago i sold the first split board i owned. A 2011/2012 K2 Panoramic 168 i bought during the 2011 winter season. A hell of a lot of money to drop on something I wasn’t sure if i was going to enjoy. Skiing uphill, People enjoy that? I had been XC skiing before and enjoyed it, but this seemed like hard work.

The first day out

A huge “southerly outbreak” as the metservice refers to it, had left a hell of a lot of snow all around Queenstown, and even more up in the Remarkables. A quicker than usual climb had me standing on the summit of a peak above the Remarkables ski area, Known on maps as Pt 2035 or locally as Centurion. An awesome ride down on some creamy fresh snow. It wasn’t the last time i used the panoramic.

However it wasn’t all that i wanted, and now, 2 years later i turned my attention to finding something a bit more directional, a bit less freestyle, because in part I’ve accepted that I’m just some average Joe snowboarder who is never going to be throwing huge spins in the back country, but also because i LOVE shiny new gear.

Rossignol XV Magtek Split 167cm

Rossignol XV Magtek Split 167cm

The first serious snowfall of the season was just 3 days ago but today it is raining at most altitudes. I cant wait to take this out for a test ride.


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